IE7 is a coming tsunami

Funny how moving one's family from one continent to another sucks up all your free time. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. In the meantime, the topic at hand:

As my colleague wrote in his blog:

With the release of IE7 yesterday, I was anxious to test out some of our sites since Microsoft has claimed to fix a whole slew of css issues, and it'll be (more or less) standards based - not to mention being pushed via automatic updates for windows users, so it's safe to say that it'll soon be the default browser for our customers.

I work spend a good deal of my time working on the Drupal open source project, and we have seen a significant number of complaints from early IE7 adopters about how Drupal-generated XHTML and CSS doesn't work "properly" in IE7. Of course, in every single instance so far investigated, the problem was that IE7 did not conform to established standards.

What Microsoft has done is foist a whole new set of IE-specific hacks to standards on web site developers around the world, just so they can make their sites look right in IE7. And those hacks are just starting. In a year, either Microsoft will have an even smaller share of the desktop browser market -- because so many people will be pissed off by broken web sites -- or web developers will have wasted thousands of man years hacking their sites to make them look right in IE7.