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Arto Bendiken Rocks!

Back in July I wrote about a development meeting I attended with a bunch of really smart guys. One of those guys was Arto Bendiken.

In the past couple of months, he's added at least 4* new cool Drupal modules to the contrib repository, of which I'm aware (there may be more gems to find -- I didn't even look!). In just the past few days, he added an absolutely amazing module called Trace which is developer's and maintainer's dream come true.

IE7 is a coming tsunami

Funny how moving one's family from one continent to another sucks up all your free time. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. In the meantime, the topic at hand:

As my colleague wrote in his blog:

Smart guys, great life, cool technology.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a development meeting in Stuttgart, Germany organized by the folks I work for. It really had the atmosphere of a small DrupalCon or similar FOSS conference -- a lot of intense thinking and discussion, but a lot of fun and really cool stuff at the same time.

Since some of the stuff we worked on is not ready for public consumption (though most will actually be contributed to the open source community eventually), I'll not write about it now.

What kind of silly blog is this? Finding time.

It seems the real bloggers of the world -- well, at least the ones that get read or have their URLs forwarded from friend to friend to colleague to associate -- post something new nearly every day. Too few postings and people aren't interested. Too many, and the quality clearly suffers. So there is a sweet spot in there someplace.

But where do they find the time?

Web service vertical integration

I was chatting with Allie, the mad genius behind pajunas interactive the other evening, and she mentioned her search for a second network operations center for her business. Not that the current data center where her servers are located is bad (they're ISO-9000 and ex-military perfectionists, really), but rather nobody is perfect and contingencies are always good to plan for. I got to thinking about the whole end to end business of providing web content to end users.

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