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The Answer for Intel Mac?

The Parallels Desktop looks like it might be just what the doctor ordered for users who want to get away from the many annoyances of Microsoft Windows, or for the Mac zealots who just need to run the one or two Windows-only applications. It's also possibly the best thing since sliced bread for software developers who want to develop in the Mac OS environment, but need to test on other Intel platforms. Parallels doesn't just provide a way to run Windows. One can virtualize FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and even OS/2.


I don't know if the lack of comments up to this point was because nobody cared, or because of a software problem. I found the software problem myself when I tried to leave my own comment. I guess that's what happens when one uses the tip of the development branch of software just before the 4.7 release of Drupal. I've now upgraded to 4.7, and all appears well, including the comments.

So perhaps someone will do that. Or not. :-) This is admittedly among the least exciting blogs on the planet.

Save the Internet

"Net neutrality" is a concept that most Americans don´t know about. It´s essentially the First Amendment for the Internet -- allowing Web users to go where they want and do what they please online. This standard is why the Internet has become a revolutionary force for economic innovation and new ideas.

Large cable and telephone companies are planning to do away with Net Neutrality. They´re asking Congress to pass legislation that allows them to control which Web sites get priority over everything else and which ones are left behind.

The Downside of Intel Mac

I had thought about titling this post “Apple's Dirty Little Secret” but decided that was a bit strong, and it's really not a secret to anyone who thinks about it.

Module plug-ins

I implemented a custom module for my employer to do real-time search transactions against a remote web service. Then I started to think about creating another one for a similar transaction against a different remote service. And I knew there would be more to come.

The module is pretty basic on the Drupal side. Present a form, do the lookup on submit, output the results if any followed by another form. All of that boilerplate would be the same between such modules above. Only the form and the output might vary a bit, and the ultimate backend data source would be different.

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