The Answer for Intel Mac?

The Parallels Desktop looks like it might be just what the doctor ordered for users who want to get away from the many annoyances of Microsoft Windows, or for the Mac zealots who just need to run the one or two Windows-only applications. It's also possibly the best thing since sliced bread for software developers who want to develop in the Mac OS environment, but need to test on other Intel platforms. Parallels doesn't just provide a way to run Windows. One can virtualize FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and even OS/2.

I'm test driving a beta release (free use for 30 days) version, and so far, it looks better than any of the previous products I've looked at. I'm running a Windows 98 install right now and am about to create a Windows 2000 instance as well. I'll be finding out just how well it performs, especially in the graphic driver area soon.

If you've got an Intel Mac, or are thinking about getting one, the Parallels Desktop software may be worth a look.