What kind of silly blog is this? Finding time.

It seems the real bloggers of the world -- well, at least the ones that get read or have their URLs forwarded from friend to friend to colleague to associate -- post something new nearly every day. Too few postings and people aren't interested. Too many, and the quality clearly suffers. So there is a sweet spot in there someplace.

But where do they find the time?

I'm thinking it's a symptom of my own disorganization I don't post more often. A few weeks back I discovered the whole Getting Things Done / life hacking (what a stupid term) / 43 Folders sub-culture. There's certainly useful things to be learned there. I've bought and mostly read David Allen's book now and spent too many hours surfing Merlin Mann's personal productivity site. I've learned a lot. Now I need to put it into practice.

And maybe that will result in more posts to this blog.

Or not -- since this site is really here more for the purposes of my own experimentation with Drupal than simply as a place for me to write about whatever nonsense comes to mind.