Arto Bendiken Rocks!

Back in July I wrote about a development meeting I attended with a bunch of really smart guys. One of those guys was Arto Bendiken.

In the past couple of months, he's added at least 4* new cool Drupal modules to the contrib repository, of which I'm aware (there may be more gems to find -- I didn't even look!). In just the past few days, he added an absolutely amazing module called Trace which is developer's and maintainer's dream come true.

While we are already using his Timeline module, I can't wait to start using Trace. Not only is it a helpful tool during development, but it can be deployed in production to report on those nasty errors -- when they occur. :-)

Then there is Drush. For command-line geeks like myself, it could be really useful. This is a slick idea was hatched Adrian Rossouw and Arto.

I'm happy to say I've met Arto and actually work on some of the same software he does. Arto is really a programmer's programmer!

*Timeline, Boost, Drush, and Trace.