Flame on lame software companies

I just tried playing one of my favorite Shockwave games on my Intel Mac Mini. It works perfectly on my wife's PPC iMac and on my PPC iBook, of course. But the Shockwave plug-in doesn't work. Why? Well, because as Adobe says in a TechNote, they haven't "yet been ported to run natively on the new Intel-based Macintosh computers and currently only runs in Rosetta emulation mode." The date of this TechNote is May 12, 2006.

If I recall correctly, Adobe has been well-criticized for not having Intel-native versions of a couple of pre-eminent Mac applications (e.g. Photoshop). And it's also true, some other software companies have not yet gotten Intel versions of their software out yet.

But what's the excuse?

I'm a software developer. I've been developing professionally for more than 27 years. I've developed for all kinds of platforms, and done a lot of cross-compiling in my day. Apple provides all kinds of developer tools to make this task easier.

If they really had their development environments built correctly, it would be a simple matter of paying the price once to set up Intel targets in their build system, and then simply typing "make intel" for each of their software packages, so to speak.

There's just no excuse.