Adobe Are Idiots

Here we are, 2 years after the first Intel Macs went on sale, and 3 years after Steve Jobs announced that Apple would transition to Intel CPU chips. Wouldn't one think that all major makers of Mac software would have long since ported their software to work on Intel Macs?

The only exception I can think of are the idiots at Adobe. The Shockwave Flash player (mime type application/x-director) still does not work on Intel. There must a zillion web pages out there (a precise, technical measure, mind you) with Shockwave applets on them, and none of them will work on any modern Apple computer*.


How hard can it be to recompile code on Intel Mac OS X to make this work? Is Shockwave written in some obscure, archaic language for which compilers no longer exist? In most any sane software development shop, the build system would only need a minor tweaking to re-target the resulting binary for Intel. Apple provides all kinds of developer tools to help people make the transition. So what's the excuse?

I've been complaining to Adobe for more than a year on this issue. There's been no movement at all on fixing it.

*Yes, I know about Rosette emulation. Thanks, but no thanks.