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Leopard PHP with MySQL PDO

Warning! This is a hack.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard ships with a pretty good version of PHP5 and an excellent version of Apache2. (It also ships with Ruby, Python and Perl.) Sounds like a decent FOSS development platform, doesn't it?

If only.

It's close, but not quite there, for my purposes and those of most developers I know. Why? No database.

Easily solved, you might say. Indeed, dropping a pre-packaged MySQL install into Leopard is easy and clean. But...

And you knew there had to be a catch, right? Else, why would I be writing this?

Trying out ScribeFire

ScribeFire is a FireFox extension which provides a blogging editor and utilities.

xdebug on MacBook Pro

I've successfully added several PHP extensions to my stock, Apple-supplied PHP install on my MacBook Pro. Tonight I wanted to add xdebug to help track down some Drupal OpenID problems. A bit of Google searching and I found a number of examples. Virtually all of them pointed at ActiveState's precompiled binaries, so I tried that.

Command-line (php -m) and (php -i) worked fine after getting my php.ini file correct. But my Apache module never saw the xdebug extension, and that's where I needed it most.

JavaScript becomes the thick-client environment

As I wrote quite a while back, there seems to be a convergence on open-source technologies that will enable all the old-school thick-client desktop applications and their nice interfaces, and much more for new applications. Now Apple has demonstrated a use and commitment to a JavaScript framework known as SproutCore which further pushes the state of the art in that direction.

Updating PEAR on Mac OS X Tiger

Do you have a Mac still running Tiger (Mac OS 10.4)? And did you recently decide to install a PEAR component for use with some PHP? And lastly, did it fail with some cryptic HTTP error "410 Gone" that you had very little luck finding with Google? I did.

The solution is a bunch of steps backward and then forward again. Unfortunately, it's not very clear to the perhaps large number of Mac users who did not keep their PEAR libraries up to date all along on Tiger. But the answer is here, at the moment (it will scroll off when more news is added):

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