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Making 1and1 More Secure

I run a couple of Drupal sites on 1and1 for historical reasons (3 years free). A while ago, I dutifully upgraded them to Drupal 5.7. And was surprised to find that PHP's register_globals was enabled.

All this time, I've been running with a .htaccess file which explicitly disabled that setting -- if 1and1's Apache was running mod_php only, it turns out. Apparently, such PHP settings in .htaccess files don't do anything if running PHP in CGI mode.

Adobe Are Idiots

Here we are, 2 years after the first Intel Macs went on sale, and 3 years after Steve Jobs announced that Apple would transition to Intel CPU chips. Wouldn't one think that all major makers of Mac software would have long since ported their software to work on Intel Macs?

Annoying OS X Time Machine Bug

I too have now run into the infamous Time Machine bug. Little did I know. I upgraded my 3 Macs to Leopard back around December 1. On my primary Mac Mini deskiop, I pointed Time Machine at my external 250Gb drive, which also had some large video files on it, but which was mostly otherwise empty.

PHP define() terribly slow?

I was profiling one of my favorite large PHP applications today using APD. I kept getting what seemed to be strange results -- it was telling me that bunch of defines statements (30+ of them) were responsible for an inordinately large percentage of the page generation time. On minimal pages it was as much as 37%. Even on the well-known largest of pages, they were still clocking in at a not insignificant 5%.

That just didn't seem possible.

Leopard complaints

So I just did several Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard installs, upgrading from Tiger (10.4) and even one machine from Panther (10.3). Although for the most part they went well (though very slowly),I have a few complaints. Some things are stupidly difficult, because Apple's obtuseness, combined with the plain complexity of the system (required, I suppose, to get the functionality), but mostly just because of the lack of documentation. So here are some:

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